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Less than 2 weeks ’til Society, tickets selling fast

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Less than two weeks to go until our biggest party yet. On Friday 10th February we’re flying over from Chicago, USA the inventor of Acid house; DJ Pierre to play a one-off set of Acid House at an amazing London warehouse location. Tickets have been flying out the door for this one and second-release tickets are about to sell out. Get yours now for £12.50 before they rise in price.

Also playing this event : Criss Angel (Energy/Centreforce FM), Jamie Blanco (Live 808 set), Citizen, SOCIETY residents Class of 808 DJs + more DJs yet to be announced!

Expect a night of true Acid/Chicago House plus original artwork created for this party, VHS projections, smoke, lazers, a booming sound system and the best atmosphere this side of 1989. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video for a taster of what to expect:



Introducing: Toky

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Chances are, if you download a lot of deep house podcasts, you’ve already heard Toky. The Hot Since ’82 remix of his track About You is currently making itself known to all and sundry after appearing on Noir’s latest ‘Recommends’ podcast. No surprise there really as it’s due for release on Noir’s label on 30th January. There is another remix by hot tip Fur Coat but it’s the Hot Since ’82 version that’s the big draw here. Pushing what seems to be January’s sound, of deep, down-tempo melancholic house; the remix is the type of track you might miss first time round but then you hear it again and say oh hey what’s that? Then maybe you’ll hear it another time and this time it sticks in your mind. With haunting androgynous vocals coupled with a dirty and deep bassline; it’ll be a 4am killer on the dancefloor for when everyone’s ultra-smashed.

Toky – About You (Hot Since ’82 remix)

Toky’s certainly set for big things this year despite only getting into dance music production last January after a live session with fellow Italian Karm from Tale Of Us. To be on Noir’s label, remixed by two very upcoming acts *and* gained such attention in a year is staggering. And if that weren’t enough, he’s already formed an ace side-project called Superhero with Italian DJ and producer Leon. There’s only a preview available of their new track Drugs And Choices but it’s fucking ace so do check it out. Dry humour laces spoken word lyrics over a sparse beat creating a surprisingly addictive little number.

Superhero – Drugs And Choices (preview)

It’s actually the first track on Toky’s recent Purp & Soul podcast which is well worth a listen and a download. Definitely keep your ears out for more from this man.

Toky – Purp & Soul podcast [Download here]

Rachael Williams



MAM Reminder

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You may have missed it at the time, but back in October Soul Clap posted a free EP on their blog by an artist called MAM. No big fuss was made at the time, so it would have been easily enough passed you by. Since then, however, we bet you’ve definitely been hearing a lot of MAM, just without knowing who it is.

MAM is compromised of Miguel Campbell and partner in crime Matt Hughes. All three of their free tracks have since been staples in many a house and disco-infused mix or podcast. And the good news? THEY’RE STILL FREE. Have a listen and you’re sure to recognise at least one. Sunday treats for you all. Head over to Soul Clap’s blog to download all three tracks for free (or buy them if you wish to support the artist).

MAM- Can’t Live Without Music

MAM- One Of Those Nights

MAM- Reel Sweet

It’s a perfect time to remember MAM, or indeed, discover them and wonder how the fuck you missed them before, as their new EP, Modern Heat, is due out on Fina Records on Monday 30th January. Have a listen to this little gem from it and know that these are boys are due big things under the MAM name.

MAM- Sunset Funk

Rachael Williams



Kids Go Crazy For “Cocaine, Ketamine”

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Fur Coat on Crosstown Rebels

Over the last few months the internet has been ablaze with clubbers trying to track down a mysterious song that, by all accounts, has been doing the rounds since at least October. Championed by Damian Lazarus and Art Department; the whole unknown quantity of the situation has sent these seekers into fever pitch. Armed only with the lyrics “I just wanna make you high. Cocaine, ketamine…” and an unquenchable desire to get their mitts on this tune, they’ve been posting all over forums, YouTube, Soundcloud and Resident Advisor; anywhere they thought they’d get an answer.

And now they’ve been sated. Turns out it’s the track that’s bound to propel Venezuelan duo Fur Coat into dance music’s collective consciousness. Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine grew up “streets apart… in their hometown of Caracas” before meeting at a party in 2004, joining forces to make music and subsequently catching the ears of Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus.

Featuring Cari Golden on vocals, ‘You And I’ is scheduled for released on Lazarus’s label sometime just before everyone’s favourite Miami-based jaunt Winter Music Conference. With only a few remixes and tracks floating about, it’s great they have everyone so excited without anyone really knowing yet who they are.

The track is already massively mega-hyped but even now its identity is known it’s still proving a slippery beast to listen to at home with the only versions on the internet consisting of shoddily recorded-in-nightclubs-on-my-iphone affairs. Luckily for you lot Art Department foresaw this problem and decided to film their set at recent Mexican festival BPM in *gasp* decent quality. Oh and guess what the opening track is? Enjoy.

Art Department play BPM Festival

Rachael Williams



Noir Recommends: Episode 9

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If you’re looking for an education in what’s hot right now, look no further than the incredible Noir Recommends podcasts. They’re some of the most listened to deep house podcasts that you will find and are always jam-packed full of serious tunage.

His latest podcast, Episode 9, landed yesterday. The first half is very deep, but picks up after about 30 mins when H.O.S.H’s incredible ‘What Do You Want Me To Say‘ drops.

Stay tuned for more podcasts in this series as and when they arrive.

Noir is playing at the next Potty Mouth –  cannot wait for that! Get tickets here.




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Louie Fresco gets the Russ Yallop remix treatment

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Louie Fresco So Good EP on No 19

Mexican producer Louie Fresco is set to release his latest EP on Johnny White of Art Department’s record label No 19 Music, and it seems the Russ Yallop remix is getting more than a few DJs over-excited. With it’s driving bassline and hypnotic Donna Summer sample it’s no wonder. It’s the track that catches you unawares in a club and makes you go woah as you sway to the beat, instantly feeling way more fucked.

It’s a shame that it’s such a short snippet of the track up on No 19’s Soundcloud as the whole track is an utter beast. Luckily you can find it on both Noir’s latest ‘Recommends’ podcast and My Favourite Robot’s podcast for Electronic Groove (both are downloadable and worth a listen).

Truly though, the best way to experience it is going to be in a club and frankly it’s inconceivable that Russ Yallop won’t be shoe-horning this into any and every set he plays for the next few months. It’s too good not to. It’s definitely worth checking out when he’s next in town and making sure you get down there.

As so often happens with exciting tracks there doesn’t seem to be a release date as yet, leaving fans guessing as to when they can get their paws on this beaut. However, it is interesting to note that this release marks a noticeable change in the No. 19 artwork. Apparently 2012 releases will mark a series of work featuring Toronto based illustrator Hugh Steele whose work Johnny White stumbled across whilst visiting his hometown. It’s a good fit for the label as the dreamlike quality of his work certainly suits their output.

EDIT: After posting a link to this on his Facebook, Louie Fresco commented that it will be released “Jan 28: Vinyl, 2 weeks later: Digital”. Thanks Louie- can’t wait!

Louie Fresco – So Good (Russ Yallop remix) [No. 19 Music] – snippet

Rachael Williams



A-Trak – Fool’s Gold Radio January 2012 Mix

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With Blue Monday fast approaching it’s important to listen to something that’ll put a spring in your step.  This latest mix from the Fool’s Gold head honcho will do just that as he mixes and scratches his way through 24 tracks and remixes from the likes of Mount Kimbie, Obi Blanche, Little Boots, Justice and of course A-Trak himself. Download or stream via the soundcloud player, track list is after the jump!

A-Trak – Fool’s Gold Radio (January 2012 Mix)




Track List

Potty Mouth Pulls It Out The Bag With February Line-Up

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Potty Mouth February Droog Vs Inxec

O hai epic Potty Mouth line-up. What’s that you say? Inxec has coaxed his LA cohorts Droog over to London town to play with him? And Polish duo Catz N Dogz are in town playing a rare live set? And somehow Danish DJ and producer Noir has been thrown into the mix too??

It’s no surprise that clubbers have been going mental for Droog Vs Inxec‘s tech-house track Westbound. It’s got a dark tone to it with a wonderful build-up that will excite both experienced ravers and those new to the scene. But it’s one of the more deliciously darker track from the Westbound EP, Unhinged, with its melancholic female vocals that’s really what 2012 is going to be about.

Inxec Vs Droog – Unhinged

Catz N Dogz are amazing DJs and with a whole box of tricks from their own record label, Pets Recordings, to delight crowds with, seeing them play out is a treat that London get’s its fair share of (luckily). But how often do we get to hear them play their own stuff? This is no doubt a problem that has been eating away at you for some time and thank god for Potty Mouth to the rescue. Expect choice picks from their latest album Escape From Zoo, maybe even a bit of their recent side project with Soul Clap on Hypercolour’s off-shoot label Glass Table, the wonderfully named Clapz II Dogz (if we’re really lucky), and most certainly recent tracks like Jon Bovi.

Catz N Dogz – Jon Bovi (snippet)

Aside from being one half (the music half) of one of the biiiiigest hits from last year, Noir & Haze – Around, Noir also has one of the most downloaded deep house podcasts going. And when you consider how many DJs and producers are constantly churning out podcasts for our ears, this really is no mean feat. Couple that with the fact that HIS tracks regularly pop up on all those other podcasts and you know you’re in for something a bit special.

Noir – We 2 / Are 1 (snippets)

Get your tickets NOW for the very next Potty Mouth before they all sell out.

Potty Mouth
Sat 4th Feb
Secret warehouse, e. London
9am – 6am
£8 – £15




Amirali – Beautiful World

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Amirali - Beautiful World

Even if you don’t recognise Iranian-born Amirali from his spectacular opening track ‘My Way’ on the recent Crosstown Rebels compilaton Get Lost 4, one thing is certain: his style of melancholic house is most definitely going to be punctuating your year. His latest track Beautiful World has been popping up on Rebel-related podcasts and mixes, and should be known to hardcore Damian Lazarus fans at the very least. The seminal label describe the track as:

“Laced with the gothic sound of Depeche Mode colliding in the future with the spawn of Art Department and Underworld at Burning Man’s Robot Heart, the original cut of ‘Beautiful World’ is a seductive, space-age concoction of weird and groovy magnitude. Driven by bass swagger and imbued with an air of cinematic harmony, the penetrating vocal injects a gothic pop sensibility and marks out Amirali as the new voice in dance music. In this near epic package, the song is given cubic dimensions from a pool of current world-class talent.”

And one of these world-class talents is none of than Rebel favourite Deniz Kurtel who has remixed the track and slowed it aaaaaaallll down and given it a bit of a disco vibe. Both versions are worth treating your ears to.

Amirali – Beautiful World

Amirali - Beautiful World (Deniz Kurtel remix) – snippet

Beautiful World by Amirali is released on Crosstown Rebels on Saturday 28th January 2012

Rachael Williams



Location revealed for SOCIETY with DJ Pierre this Friday

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We’re now able to reveal the location for Friday’s SOCIETY warehouse all-nighter:

54 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch EC2A 3PQ

8pm – 4am

Just off Great Eastern St – walking distance from Old St and Liverpool St stations – map here.

After seeing Village Underground we knew we had to change location – and what a location it is! We’d go as far as to say this is THE BEST warehouse space London has to offer – check out the pictures below for proof, it’s going to blow you away!

Moving to this venue has meant a change of opening times – and the night is now running from 8pm-4am, so arrive in good time, we’re going to get this party going early!

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