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Planet Turbo – Remixed

Posted in anthem, downtempo, electro, Techno with tags , , , , , , , on September 27, 2010 by Montagano

Planet Turbo have released a star-studded EP of remixes which features a whole host of classic tracks by the likes of Chromeo, Popof, Boy 8 Bit, Tiga and Proxy (below) getting brand new makeovers from stars of tomorrow. Remixers are Diplo, Carte Blanche, Hey Today!, Matt Walsh and The Finger Prince. Win.

One of my faves of the bunch is probably Diplo’s remix of Proxy’s ‘8000’ – a low-slung mid tempo beast. This sound, or more to the point, this tempo is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for all summer. I love it. For me – it’s all about the slow stuff. Grab yourself a freebie of it below.

Also, check out the rest of the E.P. here – we love the Hey Today! remix – a playful, bleepy electro house number and according to Planet Turbo “the most shameless party record we’ve ever done”. The Carte Blanche remix of Chromeo is big things too. Basically get your ass over to or Beatport and check them all out! There’s something for everyone.

Proxy - 8000 (Diplo remix)





Posted in electro, remix/cover, Techno, We are not a rock band with tags , , , , , on April 21, 2010 by 4th level zombie

When you think of Russia and Heavy industrial Techno, you instantly think of Proxy. Proxy is probably one of Russia’s best known exports (except for oil, hookers and awful football strikers). But wait, there’s more to Russia than these things, and it’s heavier and darker than anything found in the ground! Polymorphic. Weird, strange, bleepy music that sounds like the abortion from a Proxy and Sebastian marriage, excellent.

Polymorphic is not new to this scene, he helped Proxy remix his 500 lb bomb of a track – Raven – which destroyed 2008! Since then he’s been signed to label ‘Coco Machete‘, and released some of his own material in the form of 4 EP’s. When not making tracks, he’s remixing them. Having also remixed not just Proxy, but also Fukkk Offf and AutoKratz to acclaimed success and hasn’t looked back since.

So why am I writing all this? Why am I writing about tracks that were released in 2008? Because I’m ridiculously excited about Proxy’s album finally being released and the rumour is, that the majority of the remixes will be re-edited for future release. Which means more filth from Polymorphic, until then play Scream and smash the dial round to max!

Polymorphic – Scream

ProxyRaven (Polymorphic Remix)

ProxyWho Are You (Polymorphic Remix)

AutokratzSpeaking in Silence (Polymorphic Remix)

Cant Handle the darkness? Come back into the gentle Electro light you fucking pussy, with Bloody Beetroots remix of Who Are You.

Proxy - Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

4th Level Zombie.



Dubstep in the Dark

Posted in Dubstep, electro, remix/cover with tags , , on November 24, 2009 by 4th level zombie

Jesus! I thought I had my fill of Dubstep mixes this year, but as if posting the Aphex Twin Dubstep remix named Dublicker wasn’t enough, this little gem peeked over the horizon, then came running up and slapped me in the face out of nowhere. Again this remix is from an unknown producer (what is wrong with these dubstep folk, don’t they want any glory?).

Now this is how I like my dubstep, dark and dirty with menacing overtones like a mugging is about to take place. Unfortunately the track sort of falls apart at the end but the first three minutes are brutal without being groundbreaking. Having said that Proxy’s original wasn’t exactly a fluffy little kitten, so bastardising it with dubstep is just going to end in humiliation for your ears but its well worth the listen.

Proxys ‘Dancing in the Dark’ is an absolute killer tune which I would have loved to have heard live, especially after hearing the reaction from the crowd when it dropped at I Love Techno on this mixtape. So this remix is a right little treat.

And because we’re so nice we threw in the original for comparison without the download link, you can go and buy it when Proxy’s album gets released soon, cheapskate. As a bonus have a butchers at the Bloody Beetroots remix of ‘Who Are You’ which is out now.

Proxy - Dancing in the Dark

ProxyDancing in the Dark (Unknown Dubstep Refix)

ProxyWho Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

4th Level Zombie



Proxy unmasked

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Do you know much about Proxy apart from the fact he’s Russian and a dirtbag? No – neither do I. Fortunately this interview sheds some light on the dude. So now we know he’s a nice Russian dirtbag! Best kind if you ask me.

Thanks to our pals over at Kid City Blog for this.



Posted in anthem, Club Night, electro, mix, We are not a rock band with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 6, 2009 by 4th level zombie

I love techno

I Love Techno 09! How I wish I had been there. Myself and a group of friends went last year and it was some of the most hassle free out of country clubbing I have ever embarked on (anyone who has tried to reach the Benicassim festival can testify to this). We jumped on the Eurostar and after a couple of hours were nestled in the picturesque city of Brugge, before stomping off to Ghent for one of the best nights of my life.

So I was spitting feathers when this mangled girl saunters up to me last weekend, asking for a lighter, wearing an I Love Techno 09 fleece (who the fuck honestly wears a fleece anymore, especially to a rave? In fact who buys fleeces anymore? Actually why the fuck are ‘I Love Techno’ even selling fleeces?). Anyway…  we got into a conversation and she harped on about how amazing the whole thing had been, that Dave Clarke smashed it and SMD live were awesome (standard). By this point I wanted to spit in her drink, she wouldn’t have noticed either but I’m not that spiteful! Besides I couldn’t even muster moisture let alone spit.

So in celebration of mangled-random girl’s amazing night at I Love Techno here is as many of the main mixes I could find. If anyone finds a copy of Dave Clarke, Fake Blood, Laurent Garnier or the Crookers, please send me the link, although I doubt they exist.

- 4th Level Zombie

Get the mixes

Chromeo – Night by Night

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chromeonbnChromeo, as they so eloquently put it on their Myspace, are the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the beginning of human culture. Considering the Montreal born duo didn’t even like each other when they first met at school makes it all the more surprising that their music has dominated all over the world.

After the success of Fancy Footwork, their 2007 album, they’re back with a new single – Night by Night – from their upcoming LP which is due out next summer and is their first original track since the Fancy Footwork album. Don’t feel bad about downloading this track either as the Green Label Sounds are offering this single for free!

It’s not like they’re offering it to you for free because it’s shit! It’s an amazing opening track and the start of the song could accompany a cut scene straight out of Scarface, what with it’s looping pop pianos and 80’s guitar riffs! This is a tight disco track that makes you fall in love with Chromeo all over again and have you reaching for that copy of ‘Tenderoni’ once more.

ChromeoNight by Night


ChromeoTenderoni (Proxy Remix)

Chromeo- Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Their DJ Kicks Album is out on the 29th September, which is “a collection of obscure disco and funk gems… with a couple of newer tracks thrown in, as well as our Eagles cover…” Looking forward to it!




That Boy Kana – July Mix!

Posted in Gigs, mix, We are not a rock band with tags , , on August 5, 2009 by Knockturnal


Kool Kids Klub Resident ‘That Boy Kana’ (aka Kana Waiwaiku) has just supplied us with a Heavy mix which is currently getting rinsed on our itunes! The Kool Kids Klub has literally gone from strength to strength since it’s opening two years ago, Putting on Parties in Southend, London, Brighton and Ibiza. And Kana has shared a bill with some of the biggest names in the Electro/Jackin’ House/Fidget scene like A-Trak, Brodinski, Fake Blood, Jack Beats, Autokratz, Krazy Baldhead, Sinden, Kissy Sellout, Foamo, Hannah Holland, Hot Chip, Vicarious Bliss to name a few!
Anyway… have a listen to the mix and you’ll soon realise why this Boy is making waves!

That Boy Kana – 6am Mix July 2009

Like what you hear? Then catch Kana on the 15th at The Kool Kids Klub in Southend-on-Sea where he’s playing along side Russian Legend The Proxy! OH MY DAYS! Better get down there early for this one as it’s gonna be a road block! Fun starts at 9.

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Dirty, Broken Beetroots

Posted in electro, remix/cover, We are not a rock band with tags , , on July 31, 2009 by 4th level zombie

The-Bloody-Beetroots_UCJ6IO6nuIgx_fullBloody Beetroots! They’re fucking brilliant! Noisey, aggressive electro and silly masks to boot. Yes the masks, its a trademark and you wouldnt miss them but they’re still a bit rubbish, the music and the mixtapes however, are not.

Their track ‘Theolonius’ is snarly, stomping electro with enough breakdowns and heavy bass to melt your brain, you can imagine the crowd listening to this track in an underground basement, jumping up and down, reaching for the sweaty ceiling like someone punched a cattleprod into their crotch.

Bloody Beetroots – Theolonius (King Voodoo Remix)

Their remixes are huge as well, the Proxy remix was well blogged for ages but it was only ever a video that lasted for about 1 minute, but it was enough. I wanted to hear it in full but could I find it? Could I bollocks.

So it was nice to come home after an expensive two weeks in Benicassim to find this kicking around the Blogosphere. Its not the full track, its a rip from a mixtape, but that doesnt matter, theres enough dirty drops and eccentric beats for a man to cuddle up too until he’s ready to face sunlight again. Excellent.

Proxy – Who Are You (bloody Beetroots Mix)


FAT electro.

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Who's your mate?

This last week I’ve found / been sent shit loads of amazing tunes. I’ve really been going off electro recently – to me the genre seems to be getting a bit tired, but all of a sudden I hear a bunch of really great tracks and I’m already planning my next mix CD!! Here’s a few of the bad boys – they’re not all spankingly new but they are all spankingly fat…

I would just like to say – I dissapprove of Proxy – Raven purely because it got caned so much last year. However – have you heard this Crookers remix????? Oh my golly gosh it’s amazing. Raven is back on the menu. 

The Proxy - Raven (Crookers mix)


When I first heard this tune I was well excited. Believe it or not, these guys are actually a band. I’ve got to go see them play – even if they have got a name that’s impossible to remember.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Sickly Child


This is a right old stomper. Play this and watch peoples’ faces change from a smile to a grimace. I don’t know much about the Mightyfools but the couple of tunes that I have heard I liked. Maybe ones to keep an eye on… 

Boltan – Creepy (Mightyfools remix)


This tune is getting caned by everyone at the mo… Great song. Riverside motherfucker!

Sidney Samson - Riverside


Lazy Jay did quite a good electro tune called ‘Float My Boat’ recently. This is quite a similar effort but leans a bit towards the techno side of things. If you like this, download Float My Boat here

Lazy Jay – Honk My Horn

HazMat x

Tiga, Oizo, Guns ‘n’ Bombs, Sounds Of Stereo and Dj Touche. It has been a while…

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lovely party...

I’ve been thoroughly out of action blog-wise over the last week or so. My silence has been mainly due to my lack of home internet, but I guess I should also attribute some of the lameness to the fact that I’ve been partying my socks off and getting up to all manners of mischief, including playing one of the most cringe-worthy gigs I think I have EVER played on Sunday.  Honestly, it was awful.

But enough of that, you’re only here to download tunes so I’ll unleash them upon you…

On my way to a party last Friday my mate Jamie and I were listening to the Mr Oizo mix that was posted here a couple of weeks ago. As we were listening to it (about 76 minutes in if i recall correctly) he drops a stomper. We grimaced, gurned and threw shapes whilst driving around Hackney. So I thought I’d post it. Voila. 

Mr OizoStunt


Next – the HUGE Mr Oizo remix of Shoes by Tiga. Now, is it just me or are these lyrics the funniest, cheesiest (worst) lyrics ever known to man?? I’m sorry but Tiga seriously cannot do lyrics. I know he prides himself on being a vocalist just as much as a producer and DJ, but can you honestly tell me that you can listen to this song without cracking up?? I’m actually rubbing my hands together with glee as I now have weeks, maybe evens months of new quotes that me and my pals can sing at each other. That sounded a lot gayer than it was supposed to. Anyway, the best thing about the Mr. Oizo mix is that’s it’s actually a great tune. So I can now laugh and stomp at the same time. Amazing. Please, please just listen to the lyrics in depth. You will never hear a funnier song. 

Tiga - Shoes (Mr Oizo remix)

Anyway, after the excitement of ‘the sound of my shoes’, here’s another belting remix of a Tiga tune. (Unfortunately vocals left out this time). We’re by no means the first onto this, in fact I’ve had it for a while but wasn’t going to post it out of respect. What I will say at this point is that I think you should go buy some of these tunes because the artist/remixers deserve the support. Imagine if so many people were downloading these monsters for free that some of these boys had to go and get day jobs. Their productions and our ears would suffer. And so to not look hypocritical I shall be buying the following tune when it gets a release. It’s one of the most anticipated tunes of 2009 thus far – the Proxy remix of ‘What You Need’ by Tiga.

TigaWhat You Need (The Proxy remix)


Next up is the fat as fuck Daze of Thunder Bootleg remix of Guns ‘n’ Bombs – Riddle Of Steel. Adrenaline fuelled electro. Surely you’re gonna be having a great time.

Guns ‘n’ BombsRiddle Of Steel (Daze of Thunder Bootleg remix)


Here’s a real wrongun – Hands Up by Sounds Of Stereo. I first heard it on a Clash The Disco Kids mixtape. It’s got that Bloody Beetroots style to it – not everybody’s bag but I’m sure all you electro wreck-heads will love a bit of it. I’ve also thrown in another song they did called Parrot Attack just in case you’re diggin’ the first one!

Sounds Of Stereo - Heads Up

Sounds Of StereoParrot Attack


 To quote Pete Tong – ‘Hi, I’m a cunt’ (oooh just kidding) – this next artist needs no introduction. The legendary DJ Touche (A.K.A. Fake Blood for all you people that have been in the Outer Mongolia for the last year or so). The Wiseguys? Amazing. Black Ghosts? Excellent. Fake Blood – don’t need to answer that. Touche? Hmmmm – his tunes never really grabbed me by the bollocks. But I like this one, and I’d defo give it a spin. 

DJ Touche – Vampires


Happy listening boys and girls! 


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