Here we are…

Being victims of the credit crunch, some of us can find ourselves bored with little to do but play Pro Evo, download a ton of music and stay up late. Whilst this can be fun it’s also pretty unproductive and with every goal that is scored a piece of the brain slowly melts away. So to make use of this free time, our little gang have decided to share what we love most of all. Music.




There’s no point in making too much of the fact that this is our first blog, because really, who cares!? What should be said though, is expect us to provide you with a vast range of musical form. Pigeon-holing music into genres is a total bore as new genres pop up as fast as new blogs (ahem). Let’s just say this: anything we like, we share. Clear? Didn’t think so. Take a listen to this instead…


Nirvana – Lounge Act 


p.s. if you write, produce or simply know of any good new music that you’d like to see shared, or if you wish for us to remove anything, drop us an email and we’ll get on the case:


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