WhoMadeWho are coming to town!




I’m so stoked…. Yes WhoMadeWho, those crazy danes from Copenhagen are coming to London on the 5th March to play in Hoxton. The gig is to launch their latest single ‘The Plot’ which is out the following day. They then travel up to Manchester on the 6th and who knows when they will return to these shores!? I cannot wait for their new album to drop, I’ve heard snippets of it and it sounds fucking AMAZING. It’s called “The Plot” and will be out late march 2009 on Gomma records. 


In the meantime – get a load of these. The first two are from the self entitled ‘WhoMadeWho’ album which was released in 2005. Their cover of Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction appeared as a bonus track on there too. They then released Satisfaction as a single and on the B-side there was a cover of Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat. Now, I’m undecided as to which I prefer. Benny Benassi’s tune got thrashed to death so it’s easy to be put off it, and Mr Oizo (the legend) has had a massive resurgence lately. As you can probably guess, I’m leaning towards Oizo. But hey, they’re both damn good covers. 

WhoMadeWhoOut the door

WhoMadeWho – Space for rent

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (WhoMadeWho cover)

Mr Oizo – Flat Beat (WhoMadeWho cover)


Finally, here’s the Hot chip remix of TV Friend, WhoMadeWho’s most recent single. After touring with them, Hot Chip liked it so much that they requested to remix it. These are the results: 

WhoMadeWho – TV Friend (Hot Chip remix)

One Response to “WhoMadeWho are coming to town!”

  1. loving the tracks WMW sound brilliant. what would one have to do to ensure a guest spot at this sold out event?


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