Tiga – Love don’t dance here anymore.




Over the years, Tiga has always been pretty hit and miss for me. There’s no doubting that there is always a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding every release he does, and when he gets a tune right he is one of the few that are capable of making genre defining anthems. However (in my humblest of opinions), he has also made some pretty dodgy tunes!  

When I first heard his latest single ‘Love don’t dance here anymore’, it instantly occurred to me that Tiga may have fallen foul of some serious ‘euro-cheese electro’ – like he did in places on his previous album. Instead, I’ve grown to really like this track. Yes, the lyrics are slightly cringeworthy at first but the song itself is great once it gets going. For me, it took a few listens until it all fell into place. But now I love it. Good work Tiga. I can’t wait for his new album to drop – Soulwax, James Murphy, Phillipe Zdar & Tiga all together on one album!?  Bring it on! 

Tiga – Love dont dance here anymore

2 Responses to “Tiga – Love don’t dance here anymore.”

  1. only just noticed this was not Tiga’s single and probably wobn’t be. Get your facts right you duckwad, cockfiend!

  2. i agree. this track turns into a big truck every second.

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