Disco is the future


I’ve been having trouble decided what songs to post in this blog, because I have got soooo much amazing nu-disco/chilled/house (whatever you want to pigeon-hole as) at the moment. So what I think I’ll do is post loads and talk less. That way, everyone’s a winner. 

I’m loving all of these tunes at the moment – and they’re not full on bangers at all. Electro is getting so saturated with crap these days and most songs that I hear just seem to be slightly different takes on something that’s already been done. But nu-disco, whilst drawing on many already established influences, seems to be fresh and full of good ideas. For the time being anyway…


David Rubato – Circuit (Aeroplane remix)

Friendly Fires – Paris ft. Au Revoire Simone (Aeroplane remix)

Curses! – The deep end (Holy Ghost remix)

Munk – Down in L.A. (Shazam remix)

Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak main)

Faze Action – Hypnotic (dub mix)

One Response to “Disco is the future”

  1. great selection of tunes mate. I love the remix of paris by friendly fires!!

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