Nirvana Live at Reading 1992 – Full video!

In the build up to this headlining gig, rumours were circulating that Nirvana had split up and nobody actually knew whether they were going to turn up to play. Fortunately for us they showed up – and what resulted has to be up there with some of the greatest gigs of all time.

This is the entire set (complete with timecode!) that they played when they headined the Reading festival in 1992. Watch it in full, flick through to your favourite songs, or just have it on in the background – either way you are going to wish you could wind back the years to see this legendary band live.

Arguably the greatest gig by the greatest band that the world has ever seen.

Nirvana Live from the Reading Festival.

Full concert Set:

Breed • Drain You • Aneurysm • School • Sliver • In Bloom • Come As You Are • Lithium • About A Girl • tourette’s • Polly • Lounge Act • More Than A Feeling (part of) • Smells Like Teen Spirit • On A Plain • Negative Creep • Been A Son • All Apologies • Blew • Dumb • Stay Away • Spank Thru • Love Buzz • Smoke On The Water (jam) • The Money Will Roll Right In • D-7 • Territorial Pissings • The Star-Spangled Banner (part of)

Best moment? For me it has to be Lithium. It’s not my favourite Nirvana song but there’s no doubting that it was written for moments like this.

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