New Depeche Mode single ‘Wrong’.




I’m rather excited about todays post. Yes our favourite 80’s angst ridden electro merchants Depeche Mode are finally releasing a new single. How many years has it been since their last release?? Fuck knows. All I know is their new one is due to land on us on April 6th 2009. It’s being released on Mute and is the first single from their eagerly-anticipated new album ‘Sounds Of The Universe’. It’s also accompanied with some tasty sounding remixes from D.I.M vs Boys Noize, Trentemoller, Thin White Duke (AKA – Jacques Le Cont) and Magda Scallop. 

Depeche Mode teamed up with Marilyn Manson to produce this one…. Just kidding. But doesn’t it sound a bit like it? It’s got the very current electro sounding synths (which is the direction that they were obviously going to take) but it’s undeniably Depeche Mode – and it has without doubt got ‘stadium anthem’ appeal to it. I really like it. Enjoy the Silence it may not be, but it’s definitely one that gets in your head. I can also see some serious comedy value in the song – do you think they wrote it on a massive comedown?? It sounds like they’re singing about Pete Doherty’s typical weekend – WRONG. (Maybe Pete helped them write it on a monday morning?) 

I think I’m going to call it the comedown song from now on. 


Depeche Mode Wrong


Watch this space for the D.I.M. vs Boys Noize remix!

Pre-order their new album and go buy ALL their all old stuff! You won’t be disappointed. 

Oh, and they’re embarking on a massive world tour too, starting in Israel on May 10th. They’re stopping off in London on May 30th to play at the O2 Arena, but you’re gonna have to get on Ebay if you want tickets for that as it sold out in 1 hour!

4 Responses to “New Depeche Mode single ‘Wrong’.”

  1. felt like this on monday pretty much!

  2. flanchez Says:

    ‘Enjoy the Silence it may not be….’

    You hated that song. Admit it?

  3. I hated the techno remixes… The song itself is good though. Anyway, it’s Depeche Mode’s big famous anthem, I was just trying to say that this one may not be another hit for them like enjoy the silence was!

  4. […] promised in an earlier post, here’s the D.I.M. and Boys Noize remix of ‘Wrong’ by Depeche Mode. What do you […]

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