Welcome to our first EVER Mix tape Monday – Fake Blood and Skream


Firstly, I should say that due to the fact that I’ve just moved and don’t have the internet yet, I’m posting this on a Tuesday – but that’s just a minor detail. Secondly, I did a google search and it looks like every blog – in the world, ever – has a Mix tape Monday. 

But who cares – We’re gonna do one too. And it’s gonna be great. We’d like to mix it up a bit (no pun intended), meaning that we won’t be confined to any particular musical genres, as long as the mixes are good and stand out from the rest. We’ll be posting mixes that big and established dj’s/producer have made, but we’re also keen to get other lesser known DJ’s mixes on there too, so if you are a DJ, make us a mixtape and if we like it we’ll post it with info about you. Sounds great huh? Well you’ve got to be able to compete with these guys first…..

Fake Blood A.K.A. The Black Ghosts A.K.A. The Wiseguys A.K.A. Dj Touche and his pal Regal did this mix for BBC Radio 1 three evenings ago. You don’t even need to listen to it to know that it’s going to be immense. Touche did the mix, and decided to split it up into two parts. The first hour is what Fake Blood are playing in clubs at the moment, the second part is geared towards the afterparty. 

Fake BloodBBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (14.03.2009)

(Tracklisting on its way…) 

Skream is pretty much one of the biggest players in the Dubstep scene at the moment, and his recent remix for La Roux’s ‘In for the kill’ is arguably one of the biggest Dubstep tunes thus far, due to it’s anthemic nature and cross-genre appeal. This is a mix he did recently. I had it on mega loud whilst I was packing up my stuff to move house, and I have to say that I was stomping around my house grimacing and gurning. It’s great.

SkreamMishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 6


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