DJ Zinc – Blunt Edge


Dj Zinc


Very Good, Very Nice!


Smokin’, Hot Hot Hot!

Sunday Roast!

I’m not talking about a roast pork dinner,  I’m talking about Dj Zinc and this fine new track,  “Blunt Edge”. I’m also very excited about ‘Crack House’, the new name that they’ve given this sound. 


Dj ZincBlunt Edge


(NB: Whilst this is a wav file, it was ripped straight off a low quality youtube recording so I wouldn’t advise playing it out boys and girls! You’re gonna have to wait for it to get released before you can get your hands on the real thing… Anyway, tunes that are as fat as this deserve to be lucrative for those that make them, so make sure you and ALL your mates go buy a copy. I know I will! HazMat)

11 Responses to “DJ Zinc – Blunt Edge”

  1. Dude you’re a legend for posting this… What a tune! I think I might’ve become slightly obsessed with it…

  2. big big big

  3. Link dont work

  4. Any chance of re-up for this one? Proper hard to track down like 🙂

  5. Done.

  6. jamie@bingo Says:

    PLEASE NOTE – this is ripped from youtube – we uploaded a 92kbps file, its not good enough quality to play in a club okay!!! even tho its a wav, its defo the same one. and thanks for supporting zinc’s music! jamie @ bingo

  7. […] mix and it’s fucking rude. If you like crack house (which you should) check out this track – Blunt Edge – a tune of Zinc’s that I posted a while back. You can catch him playing a crack house […]

  8. whats the point of posting songs that you can’t play?

  9. So that you know you want to buy it when it comes out…

  10. whens it comin out?

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