Make or break time for Foamo

Much hype has been written about Foamo. Is he worth it all? On first impressions I would say yes, probably so. However, I think that the youngster is coming up to a very important crossroads in his career… and could go one of two ways; 

1. Propel himself into the book of legends or

2. Fade away into obscurity and subsequently be forgotten.




I’m hoping for the former – but he certainly still has a lot to prove and needs to earn his status by consistently putting out great tunes and remixes (unlike the Crookers who did a couple of OK tunes and got propelled into stardom for no reason whatsoever!! It still baffles me as to why they are so big).

So anyway for Mr Foamo it’s make or break time, does he turn into a huge player in the electro/fidget house scene (that is the gayest genre name thus far) or has he had his 15 minutes of fame? Only he can answer that. In the meantime this Caged Baby remix goes a long way to start proving that he actually could be worth his weight in gold. 

Caged BabyForced (Foamo mix)

One Response to “Make or break time for Foamo”

  1. goodlookingboy1 Says:

    I really don’t see what all the fuss is about with this guy and to be honest getting really sick of this sound! Big Room Electro is dying a death.

    R.I.P Foamo.

    This song is rubbish monotamous crap!

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