Mr. Oizo continued…

Mr. Oizo


Well what can I say, ” We love you Oizo we do”,  “We Love you Oizo we do”,  “We love you Oizo We do”,  O’ , “Oizo We Love you”, der der der der duh derrrrrrrrrr,  bom!   

I decided it was about time to unleash some of Mr. Oizo’s early releases on F Communication before the days of Ed banger records. Some might say his best work!  It’s up to you to decide, first up is the title track from M-Seq released in 1997 on F-Communications.

Mr OizoM-Seq


Next up, this cheeky little blighter!  also featured on M-Seq called, “Kirks Back”. I like this, I like this a lot! This track is more on the down tempo side of things, you could imagine this being played by the likes of ‘Lee Scratch Perry’ or ‘A-Trak’. Check it out!

Mr Oizo Intro (Kirks back)

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