The beginning of the end for Dubstep.

snoop dog millionaire

My opinion has always been that as soon as a Dubstep song breaks into the charts the genre will slowly begin to die, as has happened previously with other niche genres such as Hard House/Trance and Breakbeat. It seems that it would only be a matter of time until an airy fairy dubstep song would do it, (Skream’s remix of La Roux is the likeliest contender so far – my money is on it getting a re-release in 2010 and getting in the top 30?) but I wasn’t expecting for it to be picked up on by the LEGEND that is Snoop Dogg. Now, I’m totally torn by this. On one hand I feel a slight sense of pride that a Croydon-born mini genre has been recognised by one of the biggest Hip-Hop legends to have ever walked the earth, on the other, I feel that now this has happened dubstep will burn itself out. Lets face it. Dubstep is underground music, not mainstream. 

So what’s the consensus on the Snoop Doggy Dog remix of Chase and Status? Personally, I think it’s a travesty. The vocals, whilst being very catchy, totally drown out the rest of the song. It’s great that these guys are showing interest in the genre and by doing so will have definitely put it on the map, but now it should be left alone and allowed to die with dignity. 

See what you think…


Snoop Dogg – Millionaire (Feat. Tanvi Shah of Slumdog Millionaire) [Dirty Version]

One Response to “The beginning of the end for Dubstep.”

  1. I never really could understand this chase of being and maintaining underground… dubstep becomes popular, so we should abandon it? nah, looks like a bit teenage-attitude to me. nice article though. thx 4 the upload, pardon my bad english.

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