New Royksopp album ‘Junior’


I’ve never been hugely into Royksopp. There were some amazing moments on their previous albums, but the thought of sitting and listening to those albums in their entirety has never given me the desire to beat the rush and get home early from work just to get another dose. And it looks like their new album ‘Junior’ is a pretty similar story… Whilst, as you would imagine, there are some lovely songs on the album and their production skills are top notch, some of the songs just don’t really do it for me. One thing I do like is that the album is SO Royksopp. I can’t really explain why it’s so them, it just is. With their early ‘chill out’ days now long forgotten, the Norwegian duo have managed to keep their trademark sound intact whilst bringing their music bang up to date. This album is as contemporary and as good as any that they have previously put out and should serve them well. 

RoyksoppMiss It So Much (Feat. Likke Li)

One more thing… As I was painting earlier I had an epiphany. The Knife’s Karin Dreijer-Andersson is the female Arnie! She sang on ‘What else is there?’ and also a couple of tracks on this album… Listen to ‘Tricky Tricky” and you’ll see what I mean. Wow. Forget that short-ass Devito – we’ve found your real twin Arnie. Uaaaaaaiiigh! Get to di chooppueeeer!

RoyksoppTricky Tricky (Feat. Karin Dreijer-Andersson)


…’cos I’m such a nice guy here’s a bonus track for your pleasure. It is legendary. Fact. 



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4 Responses to “New Royksopp album ‘Junior’”

  1. UltiMatt Says:

    The Fever Ray album is sensational man- worth a mention in this context … Love it.

  2. UltiMatt Says:

    Album of the month for me. (Fever Ray that is, not Royksoppy.)

  3. Very true Ultimatt, expect to see some posts about Fever Ray in the near future. I feel slightly bad for mocking Karin Dreijer-Andersson now… I should clear up the fact that I DO think she is amazing – The Knife’s ‘Heartbeat’ is one of my all-time favourite tunes. Does that get me off the hook? Probably not. Sorry Karin, you’re great. If it’s of any consolation you don’t look like Arnie…

  4. […] but not least here are a couple of new-ish remixes of the Royksopp single ‘Happy Up Here’. Put simply, the Holy Fuck Re-Interpretation smashes it and the […]

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