That’s how I roller…

"I'm just off to get some more paint"

I’ve spent most of this week painting my house. If nothing else it’s been a great opportunity to dig deep into my itunes, unearthing some old and new classics whilst getting covered in paint and generally making an irreversible mess on the floor. More importantly, it means that my house is looking nicer which can only be a good thing.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I should post a few of the tunes that I’ve been rollering to. I must say, it’s been a toughie deciding what I should post, I must’ve listened to my itunes for about 7 hours solid yesterday. I guess these are a a few of the highlights;


Neon NeonI Told Her On Alderaan

Boney MMa Baker


Steve Miller Band Abracadabra

Ian Dury and the BlockheadsSex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

The KnackMy Sharona

WhoMadeWho – Hello Empty Room

The Black KeysThings Ain’t What They Used To Be


(P.s. I bum the living daylights out of Neon Neon, I could have easily just posted their entire album here as we listened to it 3 times.)

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