Crikey, a new Justice remix?? C’mere!

Can you spot the 'deliberate' mistake?

Can you spot the deliberate mistake?

There has been a spate of fake Justice tunes of late (just go on Youtube and see for yourself), so how do we know that this is the real thing? Truth is we don’t, but it sure as hell sounds like the real thing. Slick production with stomping, sluggish beats, combined with their trademark filtered syths. It has to be them. I just have one question…. U-fucking-2?!?!?!?!? Oh dear. Ever since ‘A Cross The Universe’ they’ve had sell-out written all over their faces, but remixing a U2 track? Surely they can’t need the money that badly? Well they must do as they’re clearly not doing it for the rep…

Anyway, after seeing them chase girls around trying to set their hair on fire in their video, I realised that this godly duo were just a couple of twats that made phenomenal, ground breaking electronic music. Fair play I thought, I’d probably be a cock too if I was that amazing. But if they’re not careful, in a few years time they could end up as the electro act that everyone loves to hate. Kind of like u2 but the dance music version. 

U2Get Your Boots On (Justice remix)


P.s. OK, OK, if you take into account the picture and everything I’ve written, this is a very disparaging post about Justice. I never set out to slate them it just ended up that way. I’d just like to confirm that I still think they’re one the best acts in the world. Forgiven?

3 Responses to “Crikey, a new Justice remix?? C’mere!”

  1. I totally agree with you man. They make epic music some of the time but act like arrogant cunts the rest. “cross” was a phenomenal album, totally re-inventing music but this u2 remix is pretty forgettable. nice blog

  2. Ha – the power lead had just come out, there are a series of pics from the show which show it plugged in and working. See here:

    and comment from Gaspard here:

    I love how people totally flipped out over this – all of a sudden Justice live are worse than a Spice Girls reunion tour.

    Agreed on the point about them being cocks though – bottling your harmless drunken fans is a quick way to losing them, especially if their new stuff sounds anything like the new MSTRKRFT album. urrrgggh.

  3. Cheers for clearing that up dude – faith, to a certain extent, has been restored.

    About the bottling incident, it’s not just that he bottled a harmless fan – it’s that they actually decided to include it in their video. I just don’t understand why they would do that.

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