Peter Bjorn and John, Bat For Lashes, La Roux and Royksopp remixes!

We are not a rock band

This week my inbox has been overflowing with great tunes and remixes, and FINALLY I’m able to start trawling through some of them. This post is an unashamed remix-fest, and they’re all little gems. Aren’t I/you lucky. 

I’ll start the proceedings with Peter Bjorn and John. The remixes of their new single ‘Nothing To Worry About’ are great. The Alexander Robotnik mix has silky beats which chug along nicely and are under pinned by a FAT bassline. We highly recommend this one. The Jan Hammer mix is great too and utilises the vocals from the original much more. Class all around! 

Peter Bjorn and JohnNothing To Worry About (Alexander Robotnik remix)

Peter Bjorn and JohnNothing To Worry About (Jan Hammer Remix)

Next up – Bat For Lashes. Their new single ‘Daniel’ is amazing, you need to go buy it. In the mean time give some respect to the Duke Dumont mix which is great too. I’ve been saying for a while now that 2009 is gonna be Duke Dumont’s year, or a least the year when he gets to show off his true talents. This song keeps that thought alive for now. We’ll be keeping our eyes firmly locked on him in the coming months!

Bat For LashesDaniel (Duke Dumont remix)

Here’s yet another remix of La Roux’s ‘In For The Kill’. Not to be outdone by Skream and Foamo’s efforts, Lifelike have stepped up with their own electro take on the hit and I must say it’s fucking amazing!

La Roux – In For The Kill (Lifelike remix)

Last but not least here are a couple of new-ish remixes of the Royksopp single ‘Happy Up Here’. Put simply, the Holy Fuck Re-Interpretation smashes it and the Boys Noize mix is a must have for all you electro heads. Done. 

RoyksoppHappy Up Here (Holy Fuck Re-interpretation)

Royksopp(Boys Noize remix)

4 Responses to “Peter Bjorn and John, Bat For Lashes, La Roux and Royksopp remixes!”

  1. Duke Dumont is down at the Honey Club, Brighton, April 17th for Chew The Fat! alongside Midlands duo, Bass Weazel!

    Check out an exclusive interview with Duke, and a free ‘Strictly British’ mix here!:


  2. Thank you so much for the lifelike in for the kill remix!!!!

  3. Our pleasure!

    big fan of your Gosh Damn blog by the way dude, nice work.

  4. Bloody fabulous. Thanks. Music is back with a vengeance. About bloody time. D x

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