Ill Audio – Make Money

Make Money cover

I met this producer in very random circumstances… We’ve had a spare room going in our house, and were getting people to come round to view the room (whilst secretly vetting them to see if we liked them or not). Anyway, that’s how I met Ill Audio. I quickly showed him around the house and instead of talking about the spare room we ended up talking about music for about 20 minutes. He kindly agreed to let me blog his stuff and I’m glad he did cos it’s great! 

Surely that can’t have happened very often? An mp3 blogger meets a wicked producer with similar musical taste via the need for a living space? Random. 

Keep your eyes on We Are Not A Rock Band if you want to hear more from Ill Audio in the future…

Ill AudioMake Money (Original mix)

Ill AudioMake Money (DVSB Remix)

…and if those 320kps gems aren’t enough, here’s the video they made for ‘Make Money’. Quality. 

More on Ill Audio:


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