You are Daft Punk

probably not checking his e-mails

Now that the fine weather has disappeared and all that we love about the British summer is on its merry way (grey skies, rain, hail and staying in) we’re going to need something to keep ourselves occupied. The latest web offering from the Daft Punk World is this: the iDaft player…………..

Click, pretend you’re Daft Punk, go mad, smash the place up, fin.

2 Responses to “You are Daft Punk”

  1. The Daft Kunt Says:

    Wow, i get so bored at work this is all that keeps me going at the moment. Between this and staring at office tits my day is sorted.

    God i need another bank holiday…..

  2. biftathekid Says:

    Some drums to go with the vocal….

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