Tiga, Oizo, Guns ‘n’ Bombs, Sounds Of Stereo and Dj Touche. It has been a while…


lovely party...

I’ve been thoroughly out of action blog-wise over the last week or so. My silence has been mainly due to my lack of home internet, but I guess I should also attribute some of the lameness to the fact that I’ve been partying my socks off and getting up to all manners of mischief, including playing one of the most cringe-worthy gigs I think I have EVER played on Sunday.  Honestly, it was awful.

But enough of that, you’re only here to download tunes so I’ll unleash them upon you…

On my way to a party last Friday my mate Jamie and I were listening to the Mr Oizo mix that was posted here a couple of weeks ago. As we were listening to it (about 76 minutes in if i recall correctly) he drops a stomper. We grimaced, gurned and threw shapes whilst driving around Hackney. So I thought I’d post it. Voila. 

Mr OizoStunt


Next – the HUGE Mr Oizo remix of Shoes by Tiga. Now, is it just me or are these lyrics the funniest, cheesiest (worst) lyrics ever known to man?? I’m sorry but Tiga seriously cannot do lyrics. I know he prides himself on being a vocalist just as much as a producer and DJ, but can you honestly tell me that you can listen to this song without cracking up?? I’m actually rubbing my hands together with glee as I now have weeks, maybe evens months of new quotes that me and my pals can sing at each other. That sounded a lot gayer than it was supposed to. Anyway, the best thing about the Mr. Oizo mix is that’s it’s actually a great tune. So I can now laugh and stomp at the same time. Amazing. Please, please just listen to the lyrics in depth. You will never hear a funnier song. 

Tiga Shoes (Mr Oizo remix)

Anyway, after the excitement of ‘the sound of my shoes’, here’s another belting remix of a Tiga tune. (Unfortunately vocals left out this time). We’re by no means the first onto this, in fact I’ve had it for a while but wasn’t going to post it out of respect. What I will say at this point is that I think you should go buy some of these tunes because the artist/remixers deserve the support. Imagine if so many people were downloading these monsters for free that some of these boys had to go and get day jobs. Their productions and our ears would suffer. And so to not look hypocritical I shall be buying the following tune when it gets a release. It’s one of the most anticipated tunes of 2009 thus far – the Proxy remix of ‘What You Need’ by Tiga.

TigaWhat You Need (The Proxy remix)


Next up is the fat as fuck Daze of Thunder Bootleg remix of Guns ‘n’ Bombs – Riddle Of Steel. Adrenaline fuelled electro. Surely you’re gonna be having a great time.

Guns ‘n’ BombsRiddle Of Steel (Daze of Thunder Bootleg remix)


Here’s a real wrongun – Hands Up by Sounds Of Stereo. I first heard it on a Clash The Disco Kids mixtape. It’s got that Bloody Beetroots style to it – not everybody’s bag but I’m sure all you electro wreck-heads will love a bit of it. I’ve also thrown in another song they did called Parrot Attack just in case you’re diggin’ the first one!

Sounds Of Stereo Heads Up

Sounds Of StereoParrot Attack


 To quote Pete Tong – ‘Hi, I’m a cunt’ (oooh just kidding) – this next artist needs no introduction. The legendary DJ Touche (A.K.A. Fake Blood for all you people that have been in the Outer Mongolia for the last year or so). The Wiseguys? Amazing. Black Ghosts? Excellent. Fake Blood – don’t need to answer that. Touche? Hmmmm – his tunes never really grabbed me by the bollocks. But I like this one, and I’d defo give it a spin. 

DJ Touche – Vampires


Happy listening boys and girls! 

2 Responses to “Tiga, Oizo, Guns ‘n’ Bombs, Sounds Of Stereo and Dj Touche. It has been a while…”

  1. “I’d love to comb your hair
    Your hair is such a mess
    Uh-just take off that dress
    I’d love to comb your hair”

    “I’d love to do your nails
    Be-fore some-one gets hurt
    Don’t be such a flirt
    I’d love to do those nails”


    Great tune but Tiga, shut the hell up. Stop, right now, before YOU get hurt.
    Dylan would not be happy.

    Shocker, would be a quality stomp-fest (Oizo’s production is spot on as per usual) only if you didn’t have to listen to the lyrics.

    I’m only annoyed because it makes me not want to listen to the song. Sorry………..did i go on?

    “I so want to go on
    I’ve got a lot to say
    This tune’s in dis-arr-ay
    Oh no you think I’m wrong”

    Easy peasy.
    Now if only I could get Oizo to remix that………….!

  2. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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