Right – it’s about time that I did a post purely geared towards dirt-bag afterparty wrongness. I’m actually quite shocked that I haven’t done this yet seeing as playing music to gurners seems to be what I’ve always been best at. So yes, this is the post for the earlier hours of the morning. I hope you enjoy them – feel free to add comments and suggestions about tunes that you’d play yourselves!

Shadow Dancer have just released a great album, and this is one of the many good tracks off it. I love how sinister this tune is without it actually being all that sinister – if that makes sense? Probably doesn’t make sense but hey, not much does at 5am! 

Shadow Dancer – Landlines


HEADFUCK ALERT! Proper wrongness. Down and dirty – almost without any melody, direction or point to it. It takes a while to drop but when it does its just a stomp with a horrible out of tune noise. Dirt.

Harry AxtCrazy (Original mix)


Not really much to say about this other than it kicks like a mule. A nice bit of techno for those 11am on a monday morning mongers. 

TotoprotoWhiskeyland (Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti Penny Whistle remix)

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