New Peaches album ‘I Feel Cream’.

Would you?

I’ve been very excited these past few days because I got my mitts on the new Peaches album ‘I Feel Cream’! Oh my fucking god it’s amazing!!! Before I heard it I was wondering what approach Peaches, A.K.A Merrill Beth Nisker would be taking because she’s been a dirty dirt-bag on her previous 3 albums and lets face it, she’s not getting any younger – there’s only so much cock one person can take/talk about surely?? Well listening to this it seems like she hasn’t had her fill just yet (ahem) and is still the dirt bag that we know and love. She has toned it down a little bit though, and there are moments where this album presents to us a slightly softer side of Peaches. In a nutshell? She is a fucking legend. 

For her fourth installment of musical pornography she’s enlisted some high profile names such as Soulwax, Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, Drums of Death and probably more. Her new album ‘I Feel Cream’ is released on May 4th. You need it in your life.

Peaches Show Stopper [produced by Soulwax]

Peaches – I Feel Cream

More on Peaches:


NB: Go on the Peaches site and check out the mini documentary that she’s made – amazing. I NEED to see her live.

3 Responses to “New Peaches album ‘I Feel Cream’.”

  1. Seen her live? Seen her live.

  2. Oi – bum bandit. Showstopper link is wrong….


  3. HazMat Says:

    Link sorted.

    (Seen White Zombie live? Seen White Zombie live.)

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