Monster house party this friday…

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiyah!!

Word. We’re throwing a HUGE house party this coming friday, so huge in fact that we’ve decided to hire a bouncer. Yes, I know, that sounds like a twattish thing to do, and if I went to a party that had someone on the door I’d think that the guys throwing it were going way over the top. However, we live on a really really busy road where random piss-heads roam the streets at all hours.  Just last friday I watched a fight outside my bedroom window – two guys lobbing bottles at each other and rolling around in the middle of the road. Combine that with 85+ confirmed guests on Facebook and suddenly a bouncer seems like a sensible idea.

My house is gonna take a pounding. 

Anyway, this week I’ve been downloading loads of party stompers. Here’s just a handful of electro tunes that’ll be getting spun on the night:


Filthy Dukes This Rhythm (Emperor Machine remix)

Kissy Sell Out The Kiss (Jack Beats mix)

The Count and SindenBeeper (Fake Blood Remix) 

Simian Mobile Disco – Synthesise

RochelleChin Up (Andy George re-rub)

Mujava Township Funk (Diplo Remix)

Bart Bmore – Bingo Players Get Up (Diplo Remix)


Fucking can’t wait!!! I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

2 Responses to “Monster house party this friday…”

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  2. I have been searching this for a long time, thanks for posting

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