Mr. Woo techno mix

Mr Woo

Here’s a techno mix from Mr. Woo, someone I’ve been buddies with for a very long time. It’s an epic one – check out the first track and also ‘Woody Woodpecker’. Rather large. If I’m feeling generous I might even stick them both up here for you guys to download in weeks to come…  

(For bookings drop us a line here at We Are Not A Rock Band)

Mr. WooApril 2009 Techno Mix



1: Timo Garcia – Hang Drum Track (Angel Anx Remix)
2: Maetrik – Socom
3: Julian Jeweil – Gate  1
4: Marco Corola – Long Jump
5: Hennon – Ear to Mouth 
6: Paul Ritch – Split The Line (Dubfire’s mega remix) 
7: Piemont – Black Smoker 
8: aka aka – Woody Woodpecker
9: Siwell – Kenya 
10: Uto Karem – Homebase

2 Responses to “Mr. Woo techno mix”

  1. Mr. Woo Says:


    Many thanks for this.

    Woody the Woodpecker is indeed a big tune!!!!!!

    If ya like dubfire, u’ll love his latest mega remix

    I’ll be sending the tunes over to you guys soon so keep an eye out!



  2. HazMat Says:

    Lookin forward to it…

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