DJ Zinc crack house mix and a cheeky bonus track.

DJ Zinc

DJ Zinc is a massive legend. I remember when I was 18 I used to drive around my hometown in a clapped out Renault 5, smoking weed and listening to music with my pals. One day someone bought a ‘United Dance’ tape pack and put on this tape that everyone had been raving about (literally). It changed my life.

The tape was DJ Zinc with MC Fearless and it was tune after tune after tune. I wish I could put that up for you to download but unfortunately I don’t have the means to convert cassette to mp3 just yet. Fear not however, because here is a new effort from the Zincster. He’s done a crack house mix and it’s fucking rude. If you like this sound check out this track – Blunt Edge – a tune of Zinc’s that I posted a while back. You can catch him playing a crack house set at Chew the Fat! on May 29th. Click here for line up, tickets and general info. Blam.

DJ ZincCrack House mix

Just to back up my arguement about Zinc being a massive legend, here’s one of his early jungle efforts. The track needs no introduction…

DJ Zinc – Super sharpshooter

(Just an afterthought here… Can we now ditch the SHIT genre name that is ‘Fidget House’??? Please for god’s sake let’s stick to crack house. I don’t want to fidget – I want to dance.)

HazMat x

5 Responses to “DJ Zinc crack house mix and a cheeky bonus track.”

  1. theveev Says:

    close bracket)

  2. Ex-fuckin-actly

  3. Ashy boy Says:

    You don’t want to fidget? but you DO want to do crack? lol.

  4. Hi everybody. I am new in this of the DJ’S and I need to know what is better to use to mix. a vinyl turntable or a CDJ?

  5. I loved old music from ’70 and ’80 this music had soul

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