Don Diablo-fest

Don Diablo

My inbox was flooded with all things Don Diablo over the weekend. I can now see why he is one of the most blogged artists on the net – his promotion team totally whore him out! Not saying that it’s a bad thing at all, he’s now a household name for bloggers and DJ’s around the globe because of it. Whatever your opinions of him are, one thing you have to say about the Diablo is that, (apart from the fact that he loves having his picture taken) he is one hard working mofo; there always seems to be another new production by him in the blogosphere. Fair play. 

Here’s just a couple of the tunes that I got sent – (I think in total there were like 11 tracks in 2 days?) 

See what you think. (Daft Punk or bust) 


Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Don Diablo’s Drive-by Disco mix)

Don Diablo & ExampleHooligans (A1 Bassline remix)

Don Diablo & Example vs. Daft PunkAerodynamic Hooligans (Don Diablo Mashup)


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