Mystery and hype surrounds little known band: ‘Mirrors’.

I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks… I need to tell you about a remarkable story that I’ve heard about this new band. Apparently they are going to take the world by storm – in a couple of years time. Strange huh? Read on;

The band goes by the name of ‘Mirrors’. To my knowledge they’ve only played 1 gig (The Great Escape in Brighton), and they’re not even signed (if they are it’s a very recent thing). Such is the interest in this Brighton based band that they’ve been told not to hand their demo out, speak to any press people, or even play any live gigs. Instead they have played a series of showcase ‘rehearsals’. In each of these rehearsals there were 7 seats, all of which were reserved for music industry fat cats who had been flown in from all over the world to check these guys out. They’d play 3 songs to their mini audience, who would then leave the room and start bidding frantically. 


So what do they sound like I hear you ask? Well lucky for you we’ve managed to get our mitts on a low res copy of one of their very first tunes. The sound would best be described as Joy Division meets early New Order with a sprinkling of MGMT – and their live shows apparently are VERY Kraftwerk-esque. Rumour has it that they’re gonna skip all the low key, small scale gigs and just concentrate on playing huge support slots for the likes of Radiohead and Hot Chip. 

Take a listen to this song and find out why there is so much hype… 

Mirrors – Look At Me [download]

Let me know what you guys think!


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