The Federals – Get Out

The Federals logo

We’ve got our hands on a bit of an exclusive here… Say hello to The Federals. I don’t know much about this quartet from York but I’m liking what I’ve heard thus far. Proper thrashy, rowdy, fuzziness – jam packed full of all the energy that you’d want from a garage band. It took me ages to persuade their manager to let me post one of their tunes, so do us and them a favour and buy their tunes, go to their gigs and tell your mates about them!!

As far as I’m aware I don’t think this is gonna be one of their singles but gives you a good taster nonetheless. Keep your eyes on WANARB for more stuff from them in the coming months… 

The FederalsGet Out



Note: Hmmm our links seem to be doing weird things and blacking out some text – fear not guys ands gals we’re on the case and will have it  sorted soon… HazMat x

4 Responses to “The Federals – Get Out”

  1. Top Track! Top Band! Love it!

  2. Massive noise, crazy band, got to see them!

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