New Adam Freeland Album – Cope.

Freeland - Cope

So…. probably got my hands on the new Adam Freeland album (he now goes by the name ‘Freeland’ don’t you know). I’ve heard much about it – apparently it’s supposed to be a “genre-smashing, era-defining call to arms”. Now, I’m not so sure if I’d agree with that, however, it is pretty good. Unlike Evil Nine, Plump DJ’s and even the Freestylers, Freeland has successfully move away from the obsolete genre that is Breakbeat and has created a heady mix of contemporary electronic beats for us to feast our ears on. Throughout the album Freeland’s brand of electro is blended with rock band-like vocals, neatly bridging the gap between band music and electronic music. 

As will all my album reviews, it’s hard to know which tunes to stick up cos there are loads of good tunes – unfortunately I can’t post them all…

First one here – Strange Things. This is the stand-out track on the album for me. Basically, stomping electro. Boom. 

Freeland – Strange Things


This next one, Mancry, BADLY needs a remix! I don’t mean to sound bad to Adam, this is euphoric, loved-up electronica at it’s very best. However, it doesn’t drop!!!! That’s right, not a single kick drum anywhere to be seen. That’s why it needs a remix. When I first heard this I was sat in my room with my arms in the air. No lie. I’d probably cry if I was in a club hearing this. Great stuff. 

Freeland – Mancry



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  1. […] hails from the land of Breakbeat. His career kicked off after chance encounter with electronic guru Adam Freeland which saw him signed to Marine Parade, whilst also being signed to lesser known label […]

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