Rec 2. Teaser trailer

I love zombies. Whether i’m blasting them with a shot gun in Resident Evil or watching them having their heads popped off with a sniper rifle in Dawn of the Dead. There’s something immensely scary about these enemies who can’t talk, can’t be reasoned with and who just want to eat you alive. Last week i saw the teaser trailer for Rec.2 which looks to be frank, f*cking Badass! watch it here: 



A direct sequel to little known Spanish horror movie Rec. which americans have alreay re-made under the moniker of Quarantine which was released last year. 
For some reason both these films passed me by so last night i decided to watch Rec. based on the strength of the trailer for the sequel, It didn’t dissapoint! Made in 2007 on a meagre budget the film adopts the same shaky camera style we’ve seen in the Blair Witch Project and more recently Cloverfield. At only 75mins it’s an incredibly short movie but to be honest if it was any longer i’m not sure your heart could take it! For me to talk too much about it would be giving it away, all you need to know is that a tv crew filming a show called “while you were sleeping” accompany a group of fireman responding to a call out at a local apartment building. Once at the building things start to go badly for our characters. It starts off slow then when suddenly the tension is cranked up to the max. If you haven’t seen this do yourself a favour and go and rent it (just make sure you’re watching it with a friend in a dark room) and then look forward to the sequel due in October!

5 Responses to “Rec 2. Teaser trailer”

  1. Can’t wait for this!

  2. Rec was the only movie in my life to scare me the way it did. I couldn’t sleep well for two weeks. And even now (months after), I have to concentrate hard not to conjure up images of those “zombies.” I don’t think I’ll be watching this sequel when it releases…I need some more time to recuperate. Heheh. Thanks for trailer.

  3. I hadn’t even heard of Rec 1 let alone Rec 2! You can’t beat a good old fashioned bit of pant-shitting. Have you got a copy of the first one that I could borrow Hen?

  4. knockturnal28 Says:

    Yeah man i’ll burn you a copy next time you come round

  5. Right – I watched rec last night and it made me do something that i’ve never done before with a horror film. I had to pause at one point cos i was so scared. My heart was thumping at a rate of knots. Didn’t help that my girlfriend was snoring AND i was stoned.

    Great film.

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