Girl Sues for Star Tattoo Across face.

Following excerpt was blatantly robbed from BBC news:

Police in Belgium are investigating a complaint from a teenager who says a tattooist peppered her face with stars after she asked for only three.

Kimberley Vlaeminck, 18, said she fell asleep during the procedure. “I woke up when he was starting to tattoo my nose… I counted 56 stars, it is frightening,” she said.

Tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz, who is Romanian, said his client did not fall asleep and she got exactly what she had ordered. “She was awake and looked in the mirror several times as the procedure was being done,” said Mr Toumaniantz, who works at Tattoo Box in Kortrijk.

The teenager has told Belgian media she wanted three modest stars tattooed near her eye and she awoke to “a nightmare”.

56 stars

This has to be the most ridiculous story i’ve read in a while!! How the hell do you fall asleep whilst being tattoo’d? The girl is full of shit, getting inked is hardly the most relaxing experience. She must have been wasted before hand surely? The tattooist is a massive idiot as well – at the tattoo studio that I go to they refuse to tattoo the hands or neck, why? Because they’re covering themselves for stuff like this happening. If an 18 year old walked into their studio and asked for a tattoo on the face whether they wanted 3 stars or 56 stars, they would get the same answer. No!

How this has even happened is beyond me.


5 Responses to “Girl Sues for Star Tattoo Across face.”

  1. Shit – that girls life is ruined!! Can you even get them removed?

    Sounds like she’s bullshitting because she surely would have had to be totally fucked to fall asleep during that. If she’s not lying then the tatooist is a massive cunt. Either way theyre both pretty screwed!

  2. Wow. I thought the picture looked fake so I checked the story on BBC myself.. I’m not sure what to say about this – I don’t know how drunk you would need to be to pass out during a procedure like this, but every Canadian tattoo artist I’ve talked to refuses to tattoo when someone is drunk – the alcohol thins the blood which makes bleeding really easy.

  3. knockturnal28 Says:

    This is the guy that tattoo’d her…

  4. aaaahahahahaha! oh my god. how does he eat!?

  5. haha. Forgot about this blog post….

    Poor girl.

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