Blur came, Blur saw, Blur conquered. Watch Song 2 destroy Hyde Park.

As a very excited team WANARB rocked up to Hyde Park news was spreading that Friendly Fires had dropped out at the last minute (boooooo!) but were being replaced by Golden Silvers! (Yeah!!!!) My favourite current band supporting Blur? This is too good to be true. Oh hang on, the promoters decide to put them on at the crack of dawn so all we can do is hope the wind carries Arrows of Eros to us from outside the main arena. Nevermind. Crystal Castles followed them but we missed them too as we were waiting for a mate to arrive – but this was made good by some passing dudes giving us their beers cos they couldn’t take drinks in with them. Thanks. 

When we eventually go in The Foals are playing. Yawn. They are one seriously overrated band in my opinion. They play for what seems like hours but no-one cares or even notices them playing – we’re all far too excited about what’s coming up. That’s right. Blur. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for ever since I heard they were reforming at the beginning of the year. Shortly before they take the stag we all syncronise pisses; The theory being that the later we all tale a leak, the less likely we are to have to go in bottles half way through the gig. Flawless plan. Ready to rock. 

First up they play ‘She’s so High’ followed by ‘Boys and Girls’. Wicked. Then, to my amazement, they play ‘Tracey Jacks’. Wow! I used to love that song. As they start going through some of their lesser known tunes off Parklife and Modern Life Is Rubbish it hits me like a sledgehammer. 

I need a another fucking piss.

Fuck sake – it’s still light! No chance of going in a bottle now. And to further add to my annoyance, no one else needed to go either. So off I trundle off on my Jack Jones and battle my way through the crowd as quickly as possible to get to the bogs. On my way I overhear some Mancunians talking about how Blur will never be as good as Oasis. Hilarious. Anyways – piss? Done. Go to buy drinks for everyone…. I don’t believe it. They’re playing Coffee and TV. My favourite. I missed it. Screwing. 

In order to not miss any other gems I storm back through the crowd to my mates, spilling the drinks I’d just purchased on pretty much everyone that gets in my way. From here on in the rest of the gig is a bit of a blur (see what I did there?). We were all smasho basho (plus I’m getting bored of writing this review). But it was fucking brilliant. And what better way to end the night than by playing The Universal? Amazing. Welcome back Blur – the pop world has been a dark place without you. 

I was determined to get you guys a good video and I think I succeeded in doing so. It meant having to sacrifice my token mosh to bring you this – but it was worth it (even if it is to just see fellow bloggers The Veev, Mattatat and Bryson pogo-ing in front of the camera). Good times.

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