Vampires? Vampires! – True Blood comes to the UK


As some of you may or may not be  aware I’m a fan of zombies. Not just zombies though, I like Vampires, Were-wolves and pretty much anything else that goes bump in the night. So it was with great anticipation that I waited to catch HBO’s show True Blood upon hearing of it’s existence. Created by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and Based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris, True Blood is set in Bon Temps a small fictional town in Louisiana and offers an interesting new take on the Vampire mythos. It all takes place in the not too distant future where it’s been two years since the Japanese developed a synthetic blood and Vampires decided to come “out of the coffin” and make their existence known to humans. Tru-blood is now bottled and sold in shops and bars and Vampires are campaigning for equal rights now that they don’t have to feed off us mere mortals. The reaction from the public though is (as you would expect) one of fear and humans and Vampires tend not to mix.

The series centers around Sookie Stackhouse (X-Mens Anna Paquin) a telepathic waitress who’s life is turned upside down when Bon Temps first Vampire Bill Compton (superbly played by fellow Essex boy Stephen Moyer) enters her life and the two become romantically involved. While the series started fairly slowly by episode three i found i was hooked. Featuring a great script, an excellent cast and healthy doses of laughs, sex and violence True Blood has fast become my new favourite show and i urge everyone to give it a go.

True blood starts this friday 17th July 10pm on FX


One Response to “Vampires? Vampires! – True Blood comes to the UK”

  1. allenkeif Says:

    Plus, Lizzy Caplan (Freaks & Geeks, Cloverfield, Party Down) turns up half way through the season! Boob-ya!

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