Frenzied Waters

This doesn’t show up on but it is a phenomenal viral for something, something which no one really knows anything about.

Frenzied Waters

Load up Frenzied Waters webpage and check out the video, from Asbury Park in 1916 which looks to me like a dogs perspective of a shark attack, then click on the My Story link and connect to Facebook to reveal more.

In my opinion, its pretty freaking awesome, and I can’t wait to see what the next piece of the puzzle is.

If you want more, screenrant has a great article on it, and has recieved an odd jar with a rusty lid or check the flickr viral site here


UPDATE: I am now upset as it’s not a film or awesome viral for a killer shark movie, but a campaign for Discovery Channels ‘Shark Week’ which won’t be as awesome, unless they have that jumping shark again, he rocks.

 And if he can learn to walk as his next trick, we’re all fucked.

If thats not your bag, and instead you want to see someone jumping a shark, rather than a shark jumping, check it here


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