Blackout crew get ready to put a donk on london

Blackout Crew are bringing Donk to the Capital for the first time this Friday. For those of you not fully up to speed with Donk music, (and let’s face it why would you be?) it’s the lastest incarnation of hard dance, it is the fastest growing music scene in the North West and Blackout Crew are it’s poster boys.


Bolton’s answer to The Wu-Tang Clan consist of Mc’s Viper, Cover, Dowie, Dubble, Zak K, Rapid and DJ’s Saha, Jonesy, Lippy & Siddy B. And while they may look just like any old bunch of leisure wear loving chavs you see hanging around any high street in the country, girls seem to really like them! The picture above i pulled off their facebook page and below were tonnes of comments like this one:

“omg the lad wiv the white nd blue nike jacket on is well fit lyk πŸ˜‰ al do him any day lol xxxxxxxxxx”

Obviously an intelligent girl no doubt and a fan of the music. But how will London’s crowd react to Donk? And more importantly do Blackout Crew give a fuck? All will be revealed when they Play Cargo this friday 17th for “How’s my raving” Entry is free.

For more on Donk check out this “Donk-umentary” made by Vice earlier this year


10 Responses to “Blackout crew get ready to put a donk on london”

  1. OMG, can’t believe I am missing this because of Benni. Personally I think the one at the back is well fit

  2. I love the fact that they put subtitles over everything they say! Haha. Donk is basically bouncy hard house with mc’s over the top. Weren’t they doing that in the 90’s?

    Can’t wait for Friday, it’s gonna be well funny! Vive la donk.

  3. bunch of chav retards.

    I’m interested to see how its gonna be received by the London crowd?? I can’t see how anyone down here can take this joke music seriously (not even our own inbred chavs).

    Surely only places/people that are deprived of good music can get into this sort of thing? (i.e. Wigan)

  4. FFS I’m gonna miss this Kyle-a-thon as I’ll be in Belgium (surrounded by a totally different sort of degenerate).

    I’d turn each and every one of those lil’ scrotes in to big men. Especially that one with the dead arm on the left. I love a man with a stiff…. elbow.


  5. allenkeif Says:

    Subtitles! Thats what us southerners need to understand northern donkers.

    I can’t believe that “donk donk donk….and i liked it” girl who’s 15th Birthday it was. It’s redonkulous

    Question: How many times, taking into account all the members of BlackOut Crew, have they commited statuatory rape?

  6. allenkeif everyone knows it’s not rape if the bloke’s fit. A sexual assault from one of this lot would be like mana from heaven… Even if they have no ‘manas’ and spit in your face.

  7. allenkeif Says:

    I’m sure their sexual assualts would be exactly like their verbal assaults, fast, loud, difficult to understand, and over before you can say “donk”

    All in all, it’ll leave you feeling dirtier than if you listen to my Ted Danson post. *plug, plug*




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  10. curt dorning Says:

    io zackkk k is the sickest me and him use to sell cats in walkden i want to meet you on station park with your boyz

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