Ted Danson – Sexy Mother Fucker

I didn’t realise what a sexy mother fucker Ted Danson was back in the 80’s till i saw this:

Do you feel dirty now? I do.

4 Responses to “Ted Danson – Sexy Mother Fucker”

    Where can i get that littel book… Thats what i have been missing all these years!!

  2. *little

  3. FFS. I am now more convinced than ever that he is a vile beast. No one with such deep set eyes, male or female is to be trusted.
    If he wants to learn about REAL LOVIN’ then he should take a look at Donk (and my superb comments) on the previous page [<<<<shameless plug – HA!]

  4. allenkeif Says:

    If Ted Danson put a Donk on that video i think he’d have melted our tiny little minds!

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