Your Twenties

One of your new favourite bands, who’ll make your summer? Probably. That is unless you don’t have a ear for a damn good tune and want to hear the best summer song of 2009 that will have you dancing your tiny little tits off too in the park going “oooo eeeee oooo, oooo eeee ooo”!


 Thanks to Neon Gold for the tip back in January on their hot tips for 2009, We Are Not A Rock Band can bring you 2:57 that will make you dance in your pants as you get ready to head to a bbq or bask in what will be the best summer in years, well, for us brits anyway.

 Your Twenties are Gabriel Stebbing’s new group, you might have heard of him, the former keyboardist from Metronomy has been working hard to bring you condensed pop, to be injected intravenously whenever you need that vital pick me up.

 The track’s linked below, but we urge you to head to Pure Groove Records and pick up the limited edition 7” from July 27th

Oh, and did we mention it was produced by Stephen Street, he who has produced for Blur and The Smiths? Probably not, but we have now.

Your Twenties Billionaire

 If you want to catch them anywhere, you’d best come along to Standon Calling in a few weeks, or maybe head to White Heat at Madam Jo Jo’s for the Billionaires single launch party, go on its only five pounds


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