Nicolas Cage will do anything for money

Seriously, this guy and his toupe will do ANYTHING for cash. Terrible films? Check! Japanese commercials for gambling? Check! Name your son after Superman in the hope you’ll be cast as Superman? Check and Fail!

Wait, what was the second one? Japanese gambling adverts?

Yeah, Cage has done it. It’s fucking terrible. Please, if you can bear to listen to Nic Cage playing piano and singing about his favourite things (including Pachinko, pinball) then the two minutes that follows will be a real treat for. Just sit back and laugh your freaking ass off, whilst crying on the inside as you know that these adverts probably paid for his house and a few cars to boot.

Have you just died a little inside? Me too


One Response to “Nicolas Cage will do anything for money”

  1. I fucking despise that cock.

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