Phoenix – Fences

Phoenix = BoomWolfgang Amadeus is the fourth studio album from French band Phoenix… Hang on – Fourth!?!? I well and truly missed the first three. Fortunately though I landed this one and it’s a gem.

The vocalist has a soft yet striking voice – reminiscent to the singer of ‘Of Montreal’, who’s name escapes me. (OK so I’ve never known his name and a quick scan of their Myspace page has proven inconclusive). ANYWAY – Here’s my favourite tune off the Phoenix album:


Surely it’s got to be a single??



One Response to “Phoenix – Fences”

  1. allenkeif Says:

    I fucking love Phoenix

    First album ‘united’ was rather, um, french, with tracks like “Too Young” and “If I Ever Feel Better” being more loungey than tracks to follow

    Second album ‘alphabetical’ was how they got onto my raday, with singles “everything is everything” and “run run run” along with a song that was always on american tv shows, “love for granted”. It was a poppy-er more complete album and not as raw and loungy as their first outing

    Third, and in my opinion, best album ‘It’s never been like that’ had the singles “consolation prizes” and “Long distance call”, the latter having a remix treatment from Sebastien Teller, stripping it down. A great album, i think better than “WAP” and one that should have made them a hell of a lot more famous than they are. Zane Lowe did try to help by making “long distance call” his hottest tune in the world right now but i guess by then people had stopped listening to what he was saying and all his credibility had dissipated

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