Live review – Aphex Twin at Dour Festival 2009


"Hardly fuckin' R.E.M. is it"

“Where’s the other twin? What do you mean there’s only one? What happened, the other one kill himself as he didn’t like the music?” Aaah, how the ignorant perceive Aphex Twin. Surprisngly, the Belgians lapped it up, it was my friend Dave who stood there with a sulk on, bottom lip poking out like an angry minnow scowling from beneath a rock in a fish tank full of piss.


Richard D. James’ entire set at this year’s Dour Festival was a chance for him to show the sheer vastness of his repertoire. Kicking off with some ambient synth which quickly lead in to some fairly grating acid house, the final half hour of the 90 minute set was an ear blasting crescendo of drill n bass that verged on white noise with a splattering of gabber.


This itself meant that if you weren’t there from the very opener – a version of 1997’s Funny Little Man, then good luck to you – it was an aural and mental demolition that you really had to be eased in to. In other words, not for the faint hearted or casual listener.  


Anyone that watched the whole set in the hope of a Come To Daddy encore was to be severely disappointed – this was a set for fans. And for people so mashed out of their minds after 4 days of Belgian raving that they could have been listening to a microwave and still got the glow sticks out.


The entire set was also unsuitable for epileptics due to strobe lights and other fucked up visual shit you’d expect from a Welsh person who grew up in Cornwall*.   


“He didn’t even play Windowlicker!” I gasped as I uncrossed my eyes and dragged myself face first back to the bar. “Window-licker” snarled Dave. “Hardly fucking REM is it? Or Paul McCartney?”


No, Dave it weren’t.

Thank Christ.


* I am a bit Welsh so haterz don’t even try it.


Kara Simsek

2 Responses to “Live review – Aphex Twin at Dour Festival 2009”

  1. Richard is Irish my good man. Born in Limerick.

  2. Correct, but I’ll think you’ll find that his parents are Welsh. So I’m correct too. As always.

    PS – I’m a girl. 🙂

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