The grand catch up – Part 1 of 3 (ELECTRO)

14 free mp3’s to download!!

That's right, I'm a donkey.

This is the first time I’ve actually sat down and gone through all of the stuff that’s been sent to us over the past few months. There has been an absolute ton of stuff – I think I downloaded around 80+ tunes! So without further ado – here’s part one of The Grand Catch Up. Now, some of these are pretty average but it’s worth flicking through them as there are some gooduns knocking around in there.  


Codebreaker – Follow Me (The Outrunners remix)

CodebreakerFollow Me (Bottin remix)

Master Shortie Dead End (Don Diablo knows you like it hard remix)

On Horse Camp Out (Mansion Remix)

Soul II Soul Back To Life (remix by The Rules)

The Rules – Sybilance

Don Diablo VS The Roots The Seed 3.0

Math The Band Tour De Friends

Afghan Raiders – Admiral’s Doorbell

Jogger Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Jogger – Nice Tights (Grahm Zilla Remix)

Jogger – Nice Tights (Mexicans with guns remix)

Phoenix – 1901 (Afghan Raiders remix)

Afghan Raiders – Morphine Dream

I’d just like to say sorry to all of the bands, producers, managers and agencies that sent tunes to us. I would love to have done a single post for all of you with your pics and links etc but as there are so many tracks here that I simply don’t have the time to do so. Once all of these are up we will keep on top of our emails and take a good look at everything we’re sent. Also, for those who have sent us stuff and don’t see it up here – sorry again. Not all tunes/emails would download (probably my internet playing up) and as there were so many I didn’t wait around to try and see what was wrong – I just skipped to the next email.

Anyway – Keep the tunes coming boys and girls – we’re getting on top of it now so you could soon see your stuff up on WANARB!


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  1. That picture is so heartbreaking. The donkey’s probably really frightened!

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