The grand catch up – Part 2 of 3 (Bands / Indie)

19 free mp3’s to download!!

the grand catch up - part 2!

Here’s part 2 of the grand catch up – this time, band stuff. I just want to say this – this is hands down the gayest thing I’ve ever had to do on my blog. What a massive chore. But hey, it needs to be done so that we can get up to speed and start representing all those talented guys and girls who so kindly send us their music to post for free!! As i said in my previous post – there’s shitloads to get through, not all of it is amazing but it’s worth flicking through as there are some great tunes in there. This is for those of you who are into your bands / indie. Happy digging!


Brian Glaze and The Night Shift – Bad News

Brian Glaze and The Night Shift – Leader Of The Band

Mad Gregs – Safe In Sound

Darlings – If This Is Love

Darlings – Teenage Girl

Boogie Boarder Little Giants

The Faunts – Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. (Lemonade Remix)

The Faunts– It Hurts Me All The Time

Soft Black – Track 03

Rainbow Arabia – Haunted Hall

Battlehooch – The Special Place

Warpaint – Billie Holiday

Windmill – Big Boom

Why? This Blackest Purse

Zaza – Sooner Or Later

Casey and Brian – House On Haunted Hill (I really like this one!)

Cougar – Stay Famous

Cougar – Foil Epee Sabre

Cougar Digital Cleaver feat. Paul Smith of Maximo Park


As I said in Part 1 – sorry to all of the bands, producers, managers and agencies that sent tunes to us. I would love to have done a single post for all of you with your pics and links etc but as there are so many tracks here that I simply don’t have the time to do so. Once all of these are up we will keep on top of our emails and take a good look at everything we’re sent. Also, for those who have sent us stuff and don’t see it up here – sorry again. Not all tunes/emails would download (probably my internet playing up) and as there were so many I didn’t wait around to try and see what was wrong – I just skipped to the next email.

Anyway – Keep the tunes coming boys and girls – we’re getting on top of it now so you could soon see your stuff up on WANARB!


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