Dirty, Broken Beetroots

The-Bloody-Beetroots_UCJ6IO6nuIgx_fullBloody Beetroots! They’re fucking brilliant! Noisey, aggressive electro and silly masks to boot. Yes the masks, its a trademark and you wouldnt miss them but they’re still a bit rubbish, the music and the mixtapes however, are not.

Their track ‘Theolonius’ is snarly, stomping electro with enough breakdowns and heavy bass to melt your brain, you can imagine the crowd listening to this track in an underground basement, jumping up and down, reaching for the sweaty ceiling like someone punched a cattleprod into their crotch.

Bloody Beetroots – Theolonius (King Voodoo Remix)

Their remixes are huge as well, the Proxy remix was well blogged for ages but it was only ever a video that lasted for about 1 minute, but it was enough. I wanted to hear it in full but could I find it? Could I bollocks.

So it was nice to come home after an expensive two weeks in Benicassim to find this kicking around the Blogosphere. Its not the full track, its a rip from a mixtape, but that doesnt matter, theres enough dirty drops and eccentric beats for a man to cuddle up too until he’s ready to face sunlight again. Excellent.

Proxy – Who Are You (bloody Beetroots Mix)


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