Jack Beats U.F.O EP – Out today


Jack Beats officially released the U.F.O EP out today on Cheap thrills records, lots of Jack beat goodness including the massively overblogged and hyped tune U.F.O.

There’s only three tracks but you couldnt find fault in any of them, theyre all bangers. Well maybe Labyrinth is a bit more downbeat but only by the Jack Beats ridiculous standard. U.F.O and Get Down, two massive tracks, loads of the jack beats well know wobbly bass and spangled synths.

There style is well know and while this isnt a departure from their usual stuff its certainly a lot better than whats out there at the moment, Jack Beats have created there own style and stuck with a solid formula, give these three tracks a listen and go and buy it.

Jack Beats – U.F.O. (K-Hole Riddim)

Jack Beats – Get Down (VIP Edit)

Jack Beats – Labyrinth

Bonus?! Bonus – Henry blogged the Jack Beats Hard Summer mix here on We are not a rock band last month. They’re currently on a world tour promoting the EP, but they will be back in the UK from the 15 Aug till the 2 of Oct, including two hometown dates in London, one of which is at the Egg!

4 Responses to “Jack Beats U.F.O EP – Out today”

  1. It’s a bit unfair to say an ep is out then blog all the tracks. Support the artist yeah!

  2. classabryson Says:

    You are completely right, i wanted to stick the tracks up on a flash player so that you could only listen buts its an upgrade for the website that we havent purchased yet.

    It does also say that in our disclaimer that any track downloaded from this website should only be used as a sample. If people like the track they can follow the link to Beatport where they can buy individual tracks from beatport for only 86p each. Theses track’s arent of the highest quality either. When you go to Beatport, you get the full 320 version, these tracks are 128 at best.

  3. Our policy is to have utmost respect to all artists that we blog about. Generally we try to contact the artist to let them know we’ve posted one of their songs so that they have the option of taking it down. That’s what, I hope, will stand us out from other blogs because too many other blogs show no respect to the artists. We’re here to respect everyone, not take the piss.

    We’ve had a think about taking these tunes down, but seeing as they’re all low quality, people still need to by the tunes if they want to play them out. So we’ll keep em up.

    Everyone still has to buy it!! Mwahaha.

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