AC Slater – August 2009 Mix


Like your Bass heavy? Well it don’t come much heavier than AC Slater! No, not Mario Lopez… Aaron Clevenger! The Brooklyn based Trouble & Bass DJ and Producer who’s been destroying Dance floors the last couple of years with his Heavy Bass sound! Get his latest mix here:

AC Slater – August 2009 Mix

1. Toxic Avenger – “Toxic is Dead” (Drop the Lime Remix)
2. The Count & Sinden – “Mega”
3. B. Rich – “Make Me Dance” (Autoerotique’s Hey White Girl Remix)
4. MJ Cole – “AO” (MJ’s Open Your Gob dubb)
5. Autoerotique – “Gladiator” (AC Slater Remix)
6. Adam Freeland – “Only a Fool” (AC Slater Remix)
7. Z-Kat feat. Sanna Hartfield – “Under Your Kilt” (HeavyFeet Remix)
8. Plastic Gangsters – “Rock to the Rhythm”
9. Miss Issa – Stay Up” (DJ Influence Remix)
10. Hostage – “Rudeboy”
11. Rico Tubbs – “Respect”
12. Gunstab – “Guts”
13. Prodigy – “Take Me to the Hospital” (Rusko Remix)
14. BOLTAN – “Nine to Five” (DZ Remix)
15. Tempa T – “Next Hype”
16. Newham Generals feat DIzzee Rascal – “Pepper” (AC Slater Remix)
17. B. Rich “It’ll Be Alright” feat. Domonique
18. Digital Manges – “Manges” (Sharkslayer Dubmix)
19. Hockey – “Song Away” (Jack Beat’s ‘Anger Management’ Remix)
20. Detboi – “Whine Ya Body”
21. Udachi & Jubilee – “Smoke Rings”
22. Juiceboxxx – “100MPH” (AC Slater Remix)
23. Krause – “Can’t Shut Me Up” (AC Slater Remix)

2 Responses to “AC Slater – August 2009 Mix”

  1. This is immense! I am only just listening to it now. Is he coming here? x

  2. knockturnal28 Says:

    Not anytime soon… I’m sure he’ll be in Miami in March though!

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