New Rusks for Prodigy


I’ve seen a lot of flak recently for Rusko in hardened Dubstep Forums, this usually happens to an artist when he breaks through and becomes popular with a mainstream audience. I’ll be honest and say that I’m a relative newcomer to Dubstep only really becoming acquainted with it when I heard the genre being bastardised with Electro. Personally I love it and maybe all those people whining in the forums are just upset their genre, their precious genre has gone more mainstream. It happens with everything, get over it.

Even though Rusko is getting panned I still  think hes top of his game, which he proves with this remix of Prodigy’s “take me to the Hospital”. Its Heavy, Heavy in a way that Rusko physically laid his hands on this track, smashed it to within an inch of its life and received the restraining order but the track was still grateful.

Prodigy – Take me to the hospital (album Version)

Prodigy – Take me to the hospital (Rusko Remix)

I included the Hostage remix because we’re so good to you…

Prodigy – Take me to the Hospital (Hostage Remix)

Want more? We fucking spoil you, here’s the mixtape that Rusko put together called Bloc, get involved.

Rusko – Bloc MixTape

01. Rusko-Mr Chips
02. Skream-Meta Lick
03. Rusko-Hiphop
04. Doctor-Raise The Temperature
05. Chase & Status-Eastern Jam
06. Kid Sister-Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
07. The Others-Bazooka
08. Caspa-Marmite
09. Rusko-Hammertime
10. Bun vs. Ill Bill-Choppa
11. Casper-Louder VIP
12. Rusko-Woo Boost
13. Leon-Bring It On (Rusko Remix)
14. The Others-King Pin
15. Rusko-Original Cut

One Response to “New Rusks for Prodigy”

  1. […] I havent found any MP3 release’s for this EP yet, but you can purchase the Vinyl release here! Want more Rusko? I blogged about the release of his new remix that he produced for Prodigy’s ”Take me to the Hospital” here […]

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