Whilst standing in a wet field in Hertfordshire on Sunday afternoon my feet started to tap, my head started to nod and then i was suddenly, uncontrollably, smiling and dancing like a tit with about 50 other people, all of us with inane grins on our faces. It was incredible, i began to wonder, how, after a full weekends excess at Standon were we here, dancing, on a sunday afternoon and not feeling like death sat down somewhere nursing our broken heads, it was a fleeting thought, as Stuart Price once sang “music makes you lose control”, and it certainly did


 The reason for the revellery was Casiokids, a norwegian band who managed to bring the party spirit to a damp field. I am not going to compare them to anyone, they manage to bring the fatness when it was necessary, the guitar riffs dropped like they were hot, and even a dancing man in a monkey costume at the end. Some have compared them to Hot Chip, I won’t, well, if i was to, i’d say they were better than Hot Chip. They seemed to be having as much fun on stage as we were having dancing to their beat. Musician wise as well, they all swapped instruments, the drummer taking the keyboard during the last song to raise one arm, on finger before dropping a hook that got EVERYONE bouncing. Even the monkey man.

So, slightly interested? Of course you are.

Here are two tracks, including the newest single, Finn Bikkjen! which you can buy from itunes (and you should)

Casiokids – Finn Bikkjen!

Casiokids – Fot I Hose

If that’s wet your appetite for them, and believe me, they are far better live than you can imagine, they’ll be playing Vibe Bar in Shoreditch on the 29th and if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to Creamfields, Jersey Live (!?), or Bestival you should get involved. We’ll be at Vibe bar, that’s for sure.


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