Boys Noize Previews

power boys noizeAhhh god im very excited, Boys Noize’s new album ‘Power’ is so very near to being released!! End of September I believe and just recently these previews have been dropping, they’re very short but you can still make out that the tracks are going to be stompers and quite rightly remixed to death.

I cant bloody wait as I love Alex Ridha’s work, so much so I’ve travelled to other countries to see him play but both times I’ve missed him. First time at I love Techno ’08 when they wouldn’t let us into the Blue Room and then at this years Beni, a  lovely sandstorm prompted the festival organises to cancel Friday night, cheers!

I might buy another ticket for Boys Noize, wont matter where it is because i’d probably miss the fucking performance somehow.

Boys Noize – Drummer (Preview)

Boys Noize – Gax (Preview)

Boys Noize – Heart Attack (Preview)

Boys Noize – Kontact Me (Preview)

Boys Noize – Transmischen (Preview)

What the hell am I going to do till Spetember……. (UPDATE) – I know what im doing in Spetember, well September 26th anyhow, going to the Boys Noize Ablum Launch Party for “Power” at Fire – Bugged out is your Friend

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