Florence and The Machine

I’m feeling particularly lazy today, it is a Tuesday after all and my head is still swimming a bit, so you will forgive the slack blogging. Over the weekend my mate, Will, started playing me some tracks from Florence and the Machine, who I hadn’t heard of before (I know pretty weak). The Mercury Prize Nominee is on a wave of success at the moment, She’ll be playing at this years Reading and Leeds, then on to a whirlwind tour of the O2 Academies before heading on to Europe.  However she still had time to play Radio 1’s Live Ibiza show which is the Video you are undoubtedly watching now. She manages to combine an all time favourite tune (The Source and Candi Station’s “You Got The Love”) with an achingly beautiful voice.

A look around the Blogosphere finds plenty of their tracks and even more remixes. So heres a few that i picked out…

Florence and The Machine – Drumming Song

Florence and The Machine – Kiss with a Fist

Florence and The Machine – Rabbit Heart – Raise it up (P.E.S.T Remix)

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