Fuck, if it wasn’t enough with having Zombieland and Daybreakers to look forward to, a new trailer for ‘Legion’ has dropped this week and it looks fucking bad-ass. Biblically bad-ass for that matter. It’s the kinda movie that eats Dan Brown for breakfast and then shits him out all over a pile of burning Da Vinci Code books. Awesome.


So, to give you a quick synopsis, God, for some reason, is pissed, really fucking pissed, and has sent angels to exterminate mankind. Cue Paul Bettany, an angel coming to help us pathetic humans out, then add into the mix granma’s ripping peoples throats out then climbing the walls, Angel Gabriel (Kevin Durand, or Keamy from Lost, who’s one freaky mother fucker) with a big fuck off mace, shit loads of guns and ammo and a fuck ton of winged angels ready to wipe us off the face of the earth and you’ve got one excellent 5min redband trailer. Oh, and its got Dennis Quad in it, the guy from ‘Inner Space’. Tremendous tremendousness.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

Told you, fucking badass


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